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Last updated: 26th May 2019







1.  Confirmation of Conservancy services with cleanliness of the Cantonment area.

2.      Manage the beautification work of Cantonment.

3.      Decoration/beautification of roads of Cantonment area on the occasion of the arrival/departure of honourable foreign President / Prime Minister in Bangladesh.

4.      The management of the cattle with the help of the killing of dogs, collapsing in the mosquito killings

5.      Planting/Planting of Forestry Program.

6.      Cemetery management.

7.      Bringing bridges to the beauty of the Dhaka Cantonment, coordinating the provision of congenital services to the army, navy and air force.

8.      352 dustbin collect and remove the entire cantonment.

Name, Designation and Phone number of the Branch Incharge


Mr. Md. Ashraful Alam

Senior Conservancy Officer

Phone: 01769017214, 01716150478

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